IncFile LLC Service Review in Texas

Are you looking for a company that can help you set up your business? If yes, you have probably come across a range of reviews and might be wondering what the right choice for you would be. Today, we look at IncFile in Texas and gauge its benefit for your enterprise:

IncFile LLC Texas has been around since 2004 and since that time, it has helped form more than 250,000 businesses! Not only does it help people form their businesses but it also provides support services and acts as an agent for most of their clients. Given its professionalism and excellent customer support, it has risen to the ranks of other well-known business formation companies in the state.

IncFile LLC Review: Pricing Packages

With three packages to choose from, clients can decide on what services their company needs and pay for these instead of taking the whole bundle.


For this package, customers pay only the state fees, thus paying $0 for the formation services. What a deal! IncFile Silver offers:

  • A name search
  • Prepping and filing of the registration documents
  • A year of free agency services. After this, users are subject to an annual fee of $119.
  • Customer support
  • Order status tracking
  • Free tax consultations
  • Company notifications via email
  • Online dashboard where users can view their documents.


IncFile Gold offers everything from the silver package as well as some additions, bringing the total to $149, exclusive of the state fees. Users enjoy the following:

  • An EIN
  • An operating agreement customized to their company needs
  • Fast shipping of registration documents
  • A resolution to open a bank account
  • A formation kit with some ledgers and other corporate supplies
  • A tax election


This package includes crème de la crème features, and totals $299 minus the state fees. IncFile Premium offers:

  • Speedy document filing such that they have priority over people in the other tiers.
  • Access to a document library where they can use legal contract templates for their organizations.
  • A domain name as well as a business website.

For further details on these packages, please refer to this form.

Is IncFile good for LLC? Pros & Cons

As with all entities, IncFile Texas LLC has some things which stand out to customers, both on the positive and negative sides as follows:


  • Cost: not many businesses will help you set up an entire company for free but the silver package in this entity provides for this. Given that many other entities charge an arm and a leg for their services, it is no wonder people embrace this business formation service.
  • Experience: for a company that has been in existence for 16+ years, professionalism is on another level. The same way they have set up more than 250,000 businesses is the same way they can cater to your needs.
  • Registered Agent service: regardless of the chosen package, users can enjoy a year of free services, enabling them to keep their permanent physical presence in the state private. Additionally, this also helps them remain compliant with the laws, thus protecting their businesses.
  • Notifications: you can look forward to having the company forward any alerts that pertain to your business. That way, you can stay on top of deadlines and avoid getting into legal trouble. Plus, it allows you to focus on the business, knowing that someone else can take care of the dates for you.
  • Customer support: from the numerous reviews left online, it is clear that the company works to satisfy its clients. It currently has high ratings, with more than 15,000 clients positively reviewing it. It also helps that the customer support staff is knowledgeable and can thus help people sort through their issues in one interaction.


  • Upsells: though the company offers free services, it has many upsells which may lead to consumers spending more than they would like. It can also prove annoying to clients.
  • Response Time: clients have sometimes had to wait a long while before hearing back from the customer support compared to other companies offering similar services.

Should You Start an LLC With IncFile?

You must choose IncFile if you:

  • Have a limited budget. You can choose their free option which delivers as much value as paid options in other companies.
  • Want to keep your business address private by having the company act as your point of contact.

Do not choose IncFile or find an alternative to it if you:

  • Have little experience with starting a company. When it comes to IncFile vs. ZenBusiness, the latter option is better for people dealing with complex filings.
  • Want more features in your package. As far as IncFile vs. Northwest goes, the latter would offer more features, which might appeal to some entrepreneurs.
  • Would like to work with a company that has been around longer. Comparing IncFile vs. LegalZoom, the latter company has been around longer and also offers legal support.


IncFile Texas LLC is a great option for people forming an LLC who are on a budget and would like to get valued services. However, to get additional services, one would have to move to the second or third package tiers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Incfile good for LLC?

IncFile can help entrepreneurs set up their businesses within a short period while acting as their primary points of contact and helping them navigate compliance issues. Given the many positive reviews left behind by happy customers, it suffices to say that it would be a good choice for people starting their businesses. Additionally, it ranks high among other business formation services in the state.

How long does IncFile take in Texas?

Generally, the filing should take place as soon as you provide all the details for your registration documents. Once the documents have been sent to the state, it can take up to a week before you get a response. Usually, it does not take more than 7 business days but where there is high traffic, the process can take longer than this. If you would like to skip the waiting process and get the formation done in as little as two days, you can pay a $50 fee for expedition. As such, the timeline depends on the number of people making filings at the same time as you and whether you apply for rush processing.

Can I use a TX virtual address as my Registered Agent address? 

While it may seem like a good idea to have a virtual address, it is not advisable to use one. The state requires that you have a physical address where law enforcement officers can reach you as needed when serving you with legal documents. A virtual address would not provide this. As such, people tend to use their business addresses or delegate this role to registered agents, enabling them to keep their addresses private. If you would like to enjoy some privacy while ensuring that you are within the bounds of the law, you can rely on IncFile which provides a Registered Agent service. If you form your business with the company, you can even skip paying the fees for the first year!

Does Incfile provide a Virtual Mailbox service in Texas?

Yes, more and more people are enthralled with the idea of having a street address in the state even if they do not operate in the state. This company provides a virtual mailbox where users can access their mail as well as have it scanned on behalf of their businesses. Many benefits accrue from this service.

For one, users can get their documentation from the state, enabling them to keep up with any requirements and thus safeguard their licenses. Secondly, it enables users to work with other businesses in the state which may not be willing to work with establishments outside the region. By providing a state address, the credibility of a business significantly increases, plus it gives users an implied presence in the region. This way, users no longer have to remain within the state.

Thirdly, the mailbox service enables users to access their mail from any part of the world. All they need is to log in to the portal where they can see their documents and decide the best course of action.

The cherry on top has to be the ability to keep personal addresses private. As someone working from home or someone who would rather not get served in front of employees and customers, this IncFile legal address would be of great help.

Is Incfile better than LegalZoom?

Choosing between two providers can be quite hectic. These two entities compete on various levels. For example, with Incfile, you get your formation done within a week or less and you can expedite it to get it done in 2 days. Additionally, getting in touch with the customer support is often effortless as there are many channels one can use. It also helps that this service has many positive reviews on different platforms, pointing to its exemplary services.

LegalZoom on the other hand takes its time with the filings, which can take up to 20 days. As such, you may have to expedite the processing at a fee. Its customer support is not as extensive and the reviews left by past clients can vary.

All in all, both entities excel in different areas. IncFile works for people who do not need much legal help and are starting a new business where they need some hand-holding in the initial stages. LegalZoom works for people who not only want to start businesses but could also benefit from regular legal help with their drafts and forms. As such, the question of whether one is better than the other comes down to why one needs any of their services.

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