Northwest Registered Agent LLC Service Review in Texas

Choosing a trusted company to help you bring your business to life is not always an easy task. With all the options in the market, with each promising to do right by you, it can be quite confusing when deciding what could work for you. Today, we look at Northwest Registered Agent in Texas which has set the pace as far as business formation services go:

Not many companies can boast of two and counting decades in the registration business but this online provider of business legal services can, having opened its doors back in 1998. Since then, it has worked its way into people’s hearts by providing professional services that touch on legal aspects to its wide range of customers. These not only include registering companies but also reminding clients of when they should keep up with filings and when they should draft their reports.

Northwest Registered Agent Packages

Most companies provide a range of service level tiers and graduate them based on services. Well, this is not the case with this formation service that offers one package at $225 exclusive of the state fees. Customers do not have to sift through various packages, wondering what works for them, which saves their time and energy.

This basic package in Northwest Registered Agent comes with the following features:

  • A name search- an agent sifts through the state database to ensure that your proposed name can go through the registration process. That allows you to spend less time going back and forth on the naming processes.
  • Prepping and filing of registration documents that pertain to the proposed entity’s details.
  • A year of free intermediary services. Once the free period is over, clients part with $125 per year.
  • An operating agreement. While you do not need this to be in line with the laws, it comes in handy in protecting you as well as members of your organization in the event that something does not work out as planned. Instead of battling it out in court, you can rely on laws you have set for yourselves.
  • Speedy processing. No sooner have you provided key documents than the Northwest LLC Texas will start processing the papers, enabling you to get your entity ready as soon as possible.

Added Features

Instead of graduating the packages based on services, this company takes a different approach by offering additions which you can pay for separately. That way, you can choose what you think is important for your entity from the following list:

  • An EIN ($50)
  • Ongoing filings based on state requirements ($100 per year)
  • Tax election filing ($50)
  • A separate phone number ($9 per month)
  • An extensive range of corporate supplies from which you can choose what best works for your entity. The price of these additions varies.

This transparent and simple fee structure makes this company appeal to people who would rather steer clear of paying for services they will not use.

Pros & Cons

What are some compelling benefits or drawbacks that may sway your decision when deciding on if you should use this company’s services? Have a look:


  • Customer Support: when dealing with any company, you want to know that you can reach them as needed to help you sort through any issues you may have. Northwest understands the need for an open line of communication and has a variety of means through which you can reach their agents. It also helps that they keep their customer service agents in-house such that you can reach them with one interaction without getting bounced from one person to the other. The agents are also well-versed on matters and can take users through the service levels as well as solve any arising issues without resorting to referring them to higher up levels.
  • Point of Contact: as you may already know, you must have someone who stands between you and the authorities and can work directly with state agencies. This person/company should receive documents on your behalf and advise you based on their contents. For example, if you have a deadline coming up, this third party should keep you informed on this. Sometimes, people opt to do this go-between activities for themselves. However, this cannot afford you the privacy as well as freedom that comes with delegating such tasks. This company can manage ongoing compliance requirements for free for the first year after you form a business using any of their service levels. What a deal!
  • Privacy: when starting a business with a third party, you will divulge a lot of information to it. As such, you want to know that the said person or company can keep your details sealed without sharing them with other people who can use the details for uses other than the intended purposes. This company uses its own servers and hires its own tech staff such that whatever you provide remains within their four walls. Now, who would not want that kind of security?


  • Cost: as much as their services are great, their starting points are pretty high on the scale compared to other companies operating in the industry. Thus, if you are tight on cash or would rather not pay handsome amounts for formation services, their price points may not work for you.
  • Reviews: in this age of online reviews where information is available at the touch of a button, it can be quite hard to work with a company whose reviews lie on the limited side. However, as much as their reviews are not as many as those left on other platforms, those available point to good services and happy customers.
  • Limited Services Range: compared to other companies in the industry, their range of services is not as extensive as what you might get elsewhere. If you are interested in add-ons, this might prove to be a problem for you.

Should You Start an LLC With Northwest Registered Agent?

Do not choose Northwest or find an alternative to it if you want:

  • To save money by paying less for the basic services.
  • To work with a company that boasts of countless online revies.

You must choose Northwest if you want:

  • To work with a company whose customer support staff is not only knowledgeable and helpful but also easily accessible.
  • To have a point of contact for free for a whole year.
  • To easily go through the formation services without many complexities involved.
  • To keep your data private.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of the Northwest Registered Agent in Texas?

This Northwest Texas LLC service has its address at 522 W Riverside Ave Suite N, Spokane, WA 99201, United States. You can reach them here if need be, or you can contact them via other means. Should you choose to have the company act as your intermediary, this is the address which will appear in your formation documents. That way, you can keep yours private, which is essential when you work from home or would rather not be tied at work during business hours.

What form do you file to change your Registered Agent in Texas?

At some point during your business operations, you may find that you want to change the person/ company responsible for receiving your legal documents. That is quite understandable, given that your needs may have changed or you may have found an alternative that can do the work better than the current person/ company assigned to the task.

In this case, the state requires that you file Form 401. The good thing is that you do not have to put in the consent of the new intermediary, though you will need to elect this other person/ company to the position. When you sign up with Northwest, you can find this form in your account, enabling you to effect a change as needed.

Can a virtual office be used as a registered agent?

While agency services have been popular in the past, virtual offices seem to be picking up pace with tech-savvy entrepreneurs. You see, agency services receive legal documents on your behalf which they then forward to you, enabling you to remain compliant with the requirements. Virtual offices, on the other hand, can receive more than just legal documents. Additionally, they also forward the packages, deposit check payments and scan business mail and forward what you need. Each time you receive mail, the virtual office agents scan it and upload it to an online account. From here, you can choose if you want to open the mail, scan it, forward it or destroy it. That enables you to take charge of your mail forwarding even if you are not in the state. So yes, you can use a virtual office as an alternative. However, agency services tend to offer more regarding business formation and would thus be a better option for people starting their ventures.

What other companies besides Northwest Registered Agent provide LLC formation services?

Many other entities can help you set up and maintain your business. As such, there is no shortage of options. When choosing among the options, however, you have to keep in mind what kind of customer service they offer, the tiers in service levels, value for your money and other such determinants. At present, Northwest ranks pretty high when it comes to service levels, as do several other companies such as IncFile, LegalZoom and ZenBusiness.


  • I am very excited to be working towards my goals and dreams that I never thought I could accomplish. Professional, courteous and very knowledgeable. Thank you for making it affordable for the average American to be able to start their own company. Life has it’s ups and downs but in the end love always wins. Kayla loves helping people, I heard it in her voice. You can trust this review, I never lie. I related to a Saint and just spoke to the mother of a child named Saint.

  • OMG this is such an excellent, low maintenance registered agent! In one phone call, they very professionally got me registered. There was no deluge of sales calls promising lofty ROI for expensive professional services. They effectively front you the money to incorporate, and once your paid off, your contract is technically complete. I trust everyone I’ve worked with at Northwestern Registered agent. 10/10 better than the big legal magnification services. Would recommend and will continue to use!

  • I never really write reviews, but I felt I had to regarding the customer service I received from Northwest Registered Agent. The customer service team there was phenomenal today. The first person who helped me was incredibly helpful and offered many forms of assistance. Then when I ran into trouble filling out the forms, I called again and Tiffany helped me through the entire process. Thank you both so much for your time and help. I really could not have done this today without you!

  • Nettie is the best customer service consultant I have ever seen, professional and timely, providing solutions according to customers’ pain points. It was a great experience and I would love to introduce the company to others

  • What a service !!!! Money can not buy this level of dedication and service. I had the pleasure to deal with Tiffany Scott as my corporate guide and she is the most proficient and sweet lady YOU COULD EVER ask for.
    Well done !!! (if only there were more stars!!!)
    Thank you, thank you!!!

  • Great customer service experience. Amber E. worked with me through my questions on filing changes; she found and emailed me a necessary form not listed on the State’s site.
    This Company has been great to work with so far.

  • Jennifer Lately was very helpful walking me through some challenging steps. She deserves a standing ovation for patience and ability, David

  • Great experience. Not only has Northwest as a company, saved me a lot of time, energy and money – taking care of creating my LLC, filing my annual reports, etc., but their corporate guide Zack Zetterberg, was sooooo incredibly helpful and prompt and pleasant and knowledgeable that I was very impressed. You Rock Zack. Thanks.

  • Jennifer Lately Is amazing! Extremely professional, informative, and helpful!! Patient and amazing personality as well!! Would highly recommend!!

  • Northwest Registered Agent has Been AWESOME to work with!!! Great Customer Service, Pricing is great and offer Great Value!!!

    Will be using them again for sure!!

  • Awful experience. This company’s practices raises a lot of suspicions/red flags. I can’t tell what the actual name of the business is or who actually runs this company. Their website forces you to continue creating passwords multiple times because it won’t accept the password that you just created! They only have one payment option , which is to make payments only with by adding your credit card info and keeping it on file. Customer service is unprofessional. Online is NOT supposed to be this frustrating or difficult.

  • Arnold helped me out today with a difficult, time consuming, labor intensive issue getting my LLC paperwork started. He contacted others in the company as well to help solve my issue, and it’s much appreciated. All the people I’ve interacted with here are really helpful, and it’s obvious they want to help you get your paperwork sorted for success.

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