ZenBusiness LLC Service Review in Texas

When looking for the best LLC service that can help you set up your business, there is a lot to consider. Not only should it provide the essential services but it should strive to offer you more at an affordable cost. Coming across a company that can offer these and more benefits can be quite a hassle. Today, we look at the ZenBusiness LLC services review and what it can do for you, enabling you to make an informed decision.

This company has only been around for half a decade, having been formed back in 2015. Even so, it has managed to attract thousands of customers who have praised it for its exemplary services. Thus, while it might not have the longest standing in the industry, it has proven to be a go-to for many entrepreneurs.

It has its base in Austin, Texas, from where it provides customers with registered agent services alongside business formation services. So far, it has more than 4,000 positive reviews, pointing to its ability to meet its end of the deal. It also helps that this company is smaller than most of the giants in the market, enabling you to get a more individualized approach.

ZenBusiness Packages

There are three tiers of formation, enabling you to choose one with features that best meet your business needs as follows:


For this ZenBusiness Starter package, you will pay $39, exclusive of the state fees. Features include:

  • A name search
  • Prepping and drafting of registration documents
  • Free registered agent services for a year. After 12 months, you will be subject to an annual fee of $119.
  • An operating agreement
  • A fiscal assessment


The next tier costs $149, which is not inclusive of the state fees. The ZenBusiness Pro package provides you with everything in the first tier, as well as the following add-ons:

  • An EIN
  • Annual report prepping and filing
  • A resolution to open a bank account


Under this last tier, you get everything in the first and second tier alongside some add-ons at a fee of $249, exclusive of the state fees. Added features in the ZenBusiness Premium package include:

  • A domain name and privacy
  • Expedited filing services. Users in this category can expect their filing to take place before that of those in preceding tiers. It is thus a good option for someone who would like to rush through the processes.
  • A business website and email address

For more information about the different ZenBusiness LLC formation packages, you can look at these pricing plans.

Pros & Cons

Below are some considerations to keep in mind when choosing ZenBusiness in Texas:


  • Affordability: if you want to get quality services without paying an arm and a leg, this would be a great place to start. Their most basic services cost only $39, which is much less compared to some giants in the market that would charge you twice or thrice this amount. This cost thus appeals to most entrepreneurs who are pressed on cash when starting their businesses.
  • Simplicity: most business formation companies feature complex services that make clients even more confused as they go through the various steps. Instead of making these processes harder for you, this company simplifies the processes, enabling you to get the hang of it without much hesitation. Even first-time users do not have to withstand a long learning curve, thanks to the ease of use.
  • Customer Service: given the many reviews left by happy customers, it is clear that this company goes beyond the basics to keep its customers happy. You can thus rest assured that the agents will work as much as they can to ensure you feel satisfied with the results. Also, if anything comes up, you can easily reach them via different means.
  • Filing: it can get quite hectic to keep up with legal requirements and ZenBusiness LLC Texas understands this. It has a registered agent services model that has your filing down to an art. You can focus on your business operations, knowing that the agents will file your reports on time, keeping you on the good side of the law, thanks to the worry-free compliance.
  • Social Consciousness: in addition to keeping its customers happy, the company also works with not-for-profit organizations to effect positive changes in the society. A good example of this would be its work with Kiva in uplifting women and minorities in the society.


ZenBusiness Texas LLC has some work to do in the following areas:

  • Their average times are not consistent. While a service in one state may take a few days to complete, it could take up weeks in another region. Customers may thus not share similar experiences, which leads to a gap between timeline reviews.
  • The packages come with a recurring fee for agency services and if you do not cancel the services on time, you might find yourself paying for the service.
  • Some services included in the packages may not be necessary for your business. However, since they come in a bundle, you end up paying for them anyway which can be frustrating to people who would like to cut back on costs.

Should You Start an LLC With ZenBusiness?

Now that you know the good and the bad that comes with this registered agent in Texas, is it the right choice for you?

You must choose ZenBusiness if you want:

  • To get amazing services at an affordable price, enabling you to get value for your money.
  • To work with a company that works to uplift the society.
  • To reach customer support as needed when faced with any issues.
  • To have an easy time navigating the processes.

Do not choose ZenBusiness or find an alternative to it if you want:

  • To work with a company that prides itself in experience
  • To get your formation processes done within a shorter period. Some companies can expedite your formation even more than shown in the packages above.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to LLC in Texas?

The state requires that you pay $300 for filing, as well as an added convenience fee of 2.7%. Please note that this is the base rate and the actual cost depends on how many services you procure during your registration. For example, if you would like to ensure nobody else can use your name, you can reserve it at a fee of $40. If you want to hire someone to cater to you as your intermediary between you and the authorities, there is a fee for this. This charge depends on the range of services you procure. As such, there are many add-ons that could increase the cost of formation. However, if you are dealing with the base rate, only $300 is necessary.

It helps to note that for veterans, the state might waive the filing fee. However, you must meet some conditions, some of which include the business being 100% owned by veterans.

Does ZenBusiness Have Good Customer Support?

In the past, the company was faulted for being hard to access. Customers had to jump through hoops to get the customer support to respond to them and even then, the processes were quite lengthy. The company has since made improvements to its service models and now enables its clients to get in touch through several modes. You can reach them via email, online chat services and the phone. As such, the tech support is now one of the best you will find in the industry, though there is still room for more improvement.

Which companies besides Zenbusiness provide services for the formation of an LLC in Texas?

There are many other options in the market. However, those that have performed better (as per customer reviews), are ZenBusiness, Incfile, Legal Zoom and Northwest. These currently occupy the top positions in the industry. As far as experience and customer support go, these are the top tier. However, you can look up other upcoming companies to see what they have to offer.

What does a registered agent do in Texas?

One of the rules when starting a limited liability company in the state is that you must have someone/ a company to represent you. It can be you, someone close to you or a professional who stands between you and the authorities. This person/company should receive legal documents that pertain to your business, enabling you to stay up to date with all the legal requirements. Failure to have someone doing this for you means that you can miss out on important deadlines, leaving you at risk of losing your license. Thus, if you decide to delegate this task, you must make sure that the assigned party is capable of doing this on your behalf.

How do I appoint a registered agent for service of process in Texas?

This appointment takes place when registering the business. As you fill out the certificate of formation, you will be prompted to provide details of the person/ company the state should contact on your behalf. This filing can take place online or via mail. Suppose you are not satisfied with the person/ company of your choice, you always have the opportunity to contact the state and make the necessary changes.


  • Honestly, one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had! Signing up was easy and user friendly. As I was going through the process, the team (Jenna) was great! She was available to answer all of my questions and was super resourceful! So far I am loving my experience with ZenBusiness!

  • Just started using ZenBusiness, so far I am very impressed. So easy to set everything up, and if needed talking to a customer service agent is a breeze. I would recommend them to someone starting their own business. 🙂

  • Amazing customer service! They made it super easy for me to register my business. I’ve been in contact with Jenna and she is wonderful! She was always so helpful and very quick to respond to my questions.

  • The team is always amazing. They have responded quickly and been especially helpful to answer any and all questions I might have. The turn around time was fast as well. Would recommend to anyone looking to open a business.

  • Outstanding customer service. Very helpful. Very pleased with Zen Business . Thank you all for your amazing help

  • Answered all of my questions in a timely manner. Was very polite. Gained the information possible to problem solve and found quick solutions provided by registered agent. Highly recommended.

  • I just started using Zen Business and it has been a great experience!! Everything was smooth and easy. I had to change my order and Jenna Hopping was able to assist me immediately. Thank you so much! You guys are great!!

  • Great experience, fast and efficient! After filling up the required information for forming an LLC, I wanted to add some extra information to my files so I used their customer service, very attentive and kind!

  • Amazing service! The two agents, Jenna and Jessie, that I worked with were friendly, informative, and readily available to answer any questions that I had. Very happy with the entire experience! Thanks again!

  • ZenBusiness is very personable. They have a staff that answers your questions with helpful tips and advices very quickly. I mostly used the online chat box and it was a nice experience. Thank you so much for your help Amber!

  • Love this service! They’re so helpful and so patient with explaining solutions step by step to make sure not stone is left unturned. Owning a business can be complicated but with ZB they make it easier.

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